Pleased to announce the names of sucessful winners for Fukuoka City Award!!
Thanks and congratulation to their great contribution!


Here below is the names of recipients for Takahashi Memorial Travel Fund.

1) Takahashi Memorial Travel Fund (Overseas only)

Prize Status
For participants from East Asia* - JPY 50,000
For participants from other countries - JPY 100,000

- Applicable to the participants from overseas

- Must make advance registration before application

- Age under 40 (Born after 05th Nov, 1975) and restricted to either oral or poster presenter at scientific session

- It’s acceptable to present case report

- In case the number of applicants exceeds our estimation, we will apply awards by first-come first-served basis

East Asia* --- Korea, China, Taiwan
How to Apply
Please check the apply box when you submit an abstract.

2) Fukuoka City Award

Prize Status
Applied to the best/excellent/well performed presenters out of those who made an entry for the award selection in advance. Prize example is as following. The prize amount shown below is our estimation & it’s subject to change depends on our financial condition. 

The Highest Awards: JPY 50,000 for the best presenter
Awards for Excellence: JPY 30,000 for excellent presenters
Awards for Performance: JPY 10,000 for well performed presenters


- Must make advance registration before application

- No Age restriction

- Prize is given by City of Fukuoka

- The presentation is judged by Scientific Program Committee,
then Award winner will be honored at the Banquet.

How to Apply
Please check the “apply” box for Fukuoka City Award when you submit an abstract.


Other Important Notes for awards applicants:

- Application must come with registration and payment completion. (The payment can be completed later, but should be paid before the deadline of on-line registration.)

- Applicants can apply for Takahashi Memorial Travel Fund and Fukuoka City Award both.

- Successful applicants are awarded on cash during congress period. Awardees need to visit the secretariat room to receive the grant money and make some administrative procedure.

- The application deadline will be the same as the deadline of abstract submission.

- In case the advance payment is not available, then we have a right to withdraw the application.

3) メンバーズベネフィット (特定会員限定プラン)





・演題登録時にMember’s benefit欄にてご所属先の学会名をチェックの上、会員番号を記載ください。